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Release 3.0 Product Description

ISODE Consortium Product Releases

The ISODE Consortium has based its developments on the openly available ISODE and PP packages, which have been worked on since 1985 and 1984 respectively. The first ISODE Consortium Release (IC R1) was built on the publicly available ISODE 8.0 and was made available in March 1993. The second ISODE Consortium Release (IC R2) was made available in June 1994. The third ISODE Consortium Release (IC R3), for which this document was produced, will be made available in June 1995.

The ISODE Consortium release has evolved since its inception as a public domain release. The ISODE Consortium applies increasing resources dedicated to the development and support of this technology.

IC R3.0 Components and Functionality

ISODE Consortium Release 3.0 builds on the ten year history of the ISODE technology to provide the major applications as shown in Figure 1:

Figure 1: IC R3.0 Applications

These are described in greater detail in "Directory Services", "Message Handling System", and "General Services".

Supporting services and infrastructure are also provided and include:

These are shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2: IC R3.0 Supporting Services

IC R3.0 Additions and Improvements

IC R3.0 has made the following additions and improvements to those available in IC R2:

Directory Services

Security Services



X/Open APIs

Table 1 summarizes the major evolutionary progress of the ISODE Release from the public domain to IC R3.0.

TABLE 1. Evolution of ISODE Software Functionality 


Functionality                           Public   IC   IC   IC   

                                        Domain   R1   R2   R3   


Message Transfer Agent                                          

X.400 (84) MTA                          X        X    X    X    

X.400 (88) MTA                          Poor     X    X    X    

X.400 (92) MTA                                        X    X    

X.400 (84) Conformance Testing                   X              

X.400 (88) Conformance Testing                             X    

SMTP                                    X        X    X    X    

MHS-DS                                           V1   V1   V3   

SNMP Monitoring                                  X    X    X    

MIME/X.400 Mapping                                    X    X    

Class 2 FAX Access Unit                          X    X    X    

P3 Submission and Delivery                                 X    

XMT Library                                                X    

Message Store                                                   

P7                                                    X    X    

LMAP server                                           X    X    

P3 Submission and Delivery                                 X    

LMAP DLL                                                   X    


X.500 (88) DSA                          X        X    X    X    

Delegate Disk Database                                X    X    

Performance and Stability Enhancements           X    X    X    

MADMAN Support                                        X    X    

LDAP Library                                          X    X    

X.500 (93) DSA                                             X    

WWW-X.500 Gateway                                          X    


Certification Authority Tools                              X    

X.509 and Cryptographic Libraries                          X    

Strong Authentication                                      X    

Signed Directory Operations                                X    

Quality Improvements                                            

ANSI C                                                X    X    

SVR4 Reference                                        X    X    

Ported to a Range of Platforms          X        X    X    X    

Cleaner Build Procedures                         X    X    X    




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